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LC 11223

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Catalog-Nr. QE#005


KARMASURFERS; Limited 12" Vinyl / 101 Pcs.
Recording-Sessions Vol.2

01.Un Dia En Texas 02.Esclata-Sang 03.The Short One 04.Stop The Time 05.Piano Skies 06.The Only One 07.The First One 08.The Happy One 09.The Other One 10.The New One 11.The Lost One 12.Nadie

Toni Ripoll – Guitar, Vocals;
Ferran Pericas – Bass, Vocals;
Helge Neuhaus – Drums, Keyboards;
Andreas Calvente – Guitar, Keyboards.

Recorded at Queenhorn-Studio, Herzebrock/Germany in November 2006. Vocals recorded at Sa Capsula-Studio, Sa Pobla/Spain in November 2007. Thanks to Hirzel for microphones and PHB for amplifiers and drumset. Special thanks to Diego for voice on Nadie; Engineered and produced by Andreas Calvente; ©2008 All rights owned by the executive artists except Un Dia En Texas ©1984 by Paralisis Permanente, including sample from Fool For A Blonde ©1972 by Roger Bartlett and Friends.

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